Xenopus Oocyte Swelling Assay for video microscopical analysis of water uptake in Xenopus Oocytes.


Xenopus Oocytes expressing Aquaporine channels were transferred into a specific Oocyte chamber fitting 6 Xenopus Oocytes at a time. Self defined protocols for drug application and video microscopical recording and analysis are possible and programmable with the Swelling Assay Software.

Full control of the water uptake – the size of each oocyte is controlled with a video camera with microscopic objective during the complete experiment and saved on hard disc for later offline analysis

Software controlled measurement of the size of the Xenopus Oocytes by use of an image processing software (Ecocyte Bioscience) from serial images.

The software measures the diameters of the oocytes in 2 main axis and calculates the surface area (S) and the volume (V) out of these measures as well as the osmotic water permeability (Pf).

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